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Linguistics of Productivity-Course Overview AKA: Living a Life of Joy and Meaning

This specialized training provides tools to adjust use of language to achieve agreed-to goals. To learn the basic material which covers the science of a human being, students participate in sessions as identified by Leah through a 'listing'.

An alternative is to engage with me on an incidental basis for turning around emergent concerns, coaching, and problem solving. An example of a recent success is a student who in two sessions, about four hours total, experienced significant change which allowed her to travel via bicycle across the USA - from California/Pacific Coast to Florida/Atlantic Coast. This made for a significant success in her life as well as having meaningful experiences with her husband as they traveled together.

In general, students report less stress, better control of their lives, more happiness, and improved decision-making. Folks also tell of improved humor, clearer priorities, risk-taking, and getting more done while reducing their effort.

The approach is based on what is reliable - what can be kept going day in and day out through thick and thin.

  • What differences the student is looking to be delivered as outcomes of the training.
Basic Orientation
  • Language as an Environment
  • Language as Maps
  • Life Strategies/Modes: Exceptionality vs. Average Person
  • Difference Making as Meaning
  • Paradigms as Tools
  • Species and Embarrassment Paradigms
Language - yours, theirs, ours
  • Human Act and Linked Chain Paradigms
  • Internal Language Control
  • Phantom Language
  • Saying NO!
  • Intuition and Risk Taking
Misery Reconceptualization
  • Freak Out Curve
  • Nine Families of Inflammatory Language
  • Nine Families of Non-Inflammatory Language
  • Symptom Analysis and Control
  • Inter-Personal Relationships
  • Exchange Relations
  • Joint-End Product Relations
  • Conduct Codes for Relationships
The Fine Art of Caring
  • Appreciation Processes
  • In and Out-of Control Love
  • Intentional Production of Appreciation
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